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The School Motto is enshrined in the famous shloka from UPNISHAD: Tamso Ma Jyotirgamaya
       Take Us 'O' Lord from Darkness to Enlightment.
       This Institution strongly belives that school is the Institution where the darkness of illiteracy, unawareness and conservatism are banished and then dawns wisdom, knowledge and creativity on the impressionable minds of young children on whose shoulders lie the responsibilities of the future.
       It is school with quite different idea from othrs. It's main duty is to make a student a healthy citizen of India with sense of national Integration.
       In other words S.E.Rly Inter College, Bhojudih is the harbinger of a new system of education in India, It is to serve the purpose of development and alternative to the existing system of education by its emphasis on innovation cost effectiveness, absence of rigidity universality and above all social involvement.

Aims and Objective

1 To develop the all round personality of the children admitted to the school.
2. To Introduce the concept of self-stimulated studies among pupils.
3. To Inculcate in students the sense of responsibility appraisal, discipline, respect consciousness and motivation.
4. To provide education of high quality.
  Some of the salient features of the S.E.Rly. Inter College, Bhojudih
    (a) Daily assembly, common prayer, singing of the National Anthem before the commencement of the school day.
    (b) Importing of News at Assembly time.
    (c) Compulsory wearing of School Uniform.
    (d) House System and Cultural Activities.
    (e) Co-curricular activities.
    (f) Regular allotment of Home work, Project and assignments.
    (g) Educational tours and excursions.

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South Eastern Railway Inter College

Address: Bhojudih, Bokaro
Telephone: 89411(Rly.)
Mobile: 09771483530
E-mail: serintercollegebhojudih@gmail.com